5th element innovation supercluster

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The 5th Element Innovation Supercluster is a brain trust consortium that brings together the greatest minds in evolutionary and revolutionary thinking to direct capital toward long-term solutions of our world's most seemingly intractable problems.  

The Innovation Supercluster provides a level of interconnectivity that fosters gender equity and collective collaboration toward rapid and resilient positive impact across physical and non-physical borders.

At the heart of the Innovation Supercluster is the understanding that a transition to the Fifth Industrial Revolution and a values-based economy is well underway.  The Fifth Industrial Revolution is a paradigm shift from a “zero-sum” geopolitical and socio-economic focus of winners and losers and centralized control to a purpose-driven understanding of “OmniWin” principles and decentralized abundance for all people and our planet.

Blockchain is the enabler to gender equality. It allows EVERY woman - the poor, the refugees and the modern day slaves - the ability to own, access and monetize their data, giving them the economic power needed to create equal gender equity. Utilizing blockchain to create equity for women can end extreme poverty and modern day slavery. Our partner 5th Element Group is helping lead the way.
— Ashish Gadnis, CEO, BanQu